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Print editions of all three Volumes of Twisted Mirrors are now available through!

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

As threatened, I did go through and redo the first five chapters for the print edition of volume 1 and once that was done I went ahead and uploaded these new versions of the pages to the website. If you read Twisted Mirrors through from the beginning now, it will be with the updated pages not the original ones. That said, the changes that were made to the early chapters honestly aren't that drastic. Though there are some significant differences in the text, it was mostly done to make things clearer and to flow more smoothly, the meaning has remained more or less the same. Likewise on the art, though the scanner and editing for the pages was different, the line art used was still the same, so it still looks more or less like the original versions.
HOWEVER! if you're not fond of change and want to read the pages as they were originally posted online, not to worry, they have been preserved and I've archived them on a different page. You can access them any time from a link in the notes on the first page of the comic, and that page is located here. (Or you can read the comic on DrunkDuck, as I haven't bothered to update them there yet.)

That said, there are still some differences between the online and print editions. Mostly it's typos or small editing errors that got caught and fixed for print, but are still present online. In Vol 3, I did go through and fix one of the continuity errors on this post. (Ravik's design is wrong in the third page, so I edited that to correct it for print.) Also, something kind of funny I found while I was working on Volume 1, for everyone who got one of the original, low-quality printings of that book, it's actually missing a page. It's not an important page (It was this one I think) so it didn't really disrupt the flow of reading the story, but that page has been restored in the lulu version of the books.

Overall, I really like the quality of the lulu books as compared to the original Comixpress ones. There's some slight pixelation, though you can't really see it unless you look close and I don't like that I couldn't get white pages (why isn't that default for all sizes?) and had to settle for cream, but the print looks good and the paper quality is much better. What I'm not terribly happy about is the price. These books are literally set as low as lulu would allow me to set them. If it were up to me, I wouldn't put any of them above $10 and I don't think I'd set Vol 1 over $8, but certain costs need to be covered and lulu takes its share, so this is where we're stuck.
If you'd like to get them cheaper, however, and you're going to be in the Baltimore area in late September, I will have a table at Baltimore Comic-Con (provided everything works out okay) and will be selling the books for a much lower price - you will be able to get all three for $20. I'll have other things there as well, such as buttons and prints (some more of which I'll be uploading soon, probably next week!).

Thanks for all your support!
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Submitted on
July 31, 2015