Shop Mobile More Submit  Join Login I'm finally starting to sift through the files and put together vol 3 of Twisted Mirrors for print. Part of what took this so long is just that a lot of things were coming up and I didn't have the time, but also the company I printed the first two books with - Comixpress - went out of business, which was a shame because they were easy to use and allowed for a lot of customization.

Thus I've turned to Lulu to print book 3, but I've run into a pretty big problem. Namely, that the pages I made for the comic are sized really weirdly (in my defense, I had no expectation of ever printing it when I started). Comixpress allowed for completely customizable sizes, but Lulu has pretty strict page sizes. Makes sense, I kind of wonder if the customizable thing didn't bite Comixpress in the ass, and I'm sure I didn't help by taking advantage of it myself, but the lack of customization has caused a dilemma for preparing the new book. Namely that there's now about a half inch (or more) of additional blank space above and below each page. Stretching the pages to fit the space isn't an option, it's too far and it'd warp the images too I could go to a larger size page, the 8x10 one is actually a lot closer to the correct dimensions, but I really don't like the way the pages look at that larger size. They weren't drawn larger, they aren't presented larger, so they don't look good when made bigger.

Because of all this, my current plan is to put some sort of design running along the top and bottom of each page - just so that it's not big, oppressive black bars distracting from the comic itself. The purpose of making this journal entry was to see if anyone else had good ideas of what that design could be. I was thinking of just making some swirling pattern like those you see all over the elf cities, maybe include some of the designs of the boetheri spirits, but I'm not entirely sure.

I don't want to sit and think about it for ages. I may have a table at Baltimore Comicon in September, so I'd like to try to have this done by then. So the shortcut to brainstorming it myself is just to see what sorts of things pop into your heads. Any suggestions are welcome! I may not follow them, but even if I don't they may give me a good idea! ...and if nothing comes to you, don't worry, I'll get to work with my original plan. I was just curious to see what came to you good folks out there! :)
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Taken! Thanks!
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Yes, I know it's early. Shush. :)

I apologize for being absent from DA at the end of 2014. If you're wondering where I was, well, my latest deviation should explain that. As per usual, I intend to clean out my DA at the start of the new year and do my level best to keep up with everything here going forward. Each year I manage to do it for a little longer, maybe this time I'll make it the full year, haha! The downside of this is that by the end of the year I let too many things crowd my inbox, and I end up having to just clear out everything to get a fresh start.
So, sorry about being absent, I'll try to be a bit more present going forward.

Now, what's happening for the coming year?

Well, I've finally gotten a new Wacom tablet! Whoo!
I plugged it in and was trying it out last night and this morning. It's going to take a bit of getting used to, but the possibilities it opens up are immense! My old tablet had such a small surface area that I would have to reorient my hand every other stroke. This new one has a large surface are and covers the whole screen! It's going to take some time to train myself out of wanting to reorient the pen every few seconds (I was working that way for a decade, after all) but once I do that's going to make everything so much easier! Also, this new tablet has pressure sensitivity, which my old one did not, and it's really throwing me off in the early goings, haha!
Because of my work schedule with the comics, I had to go ahead this morning and start the next page of FFC. I kind of hate to start with the new tablet in the middle of a scene like this, because I'm afraid the coloring is going to change somewhat drastically mid-scene and I don't want that...but I also don't want to put off hooking up my new tablet for a couple of months either, so we're going forward with it. I'm of two minds about what I discovered with the tablet this morning. On one hand, I don't think I'm going to be able to make it look like it used to even if I wanted to, the pressure sensitivity alone is making working in my old style very difficult (though I am going to at least attempt to keep some continuity for the time being since, as I said, we're in the middle of a scene). On the other hand, though? Damn, but the coloring I did yesterday is closer to the style I've always WANTED to color in than I've ever been before! The sensitive pen makes doing a more cell-shaded look SO much easier! I'm not one to blame my lack of artistic ability on my tools - I firmly believe that there were ways to achieve the look I wanted with my old tablet, or even just with a mouse if I trained myself properly - but good lord is it so much easier with this new tablet! I was able to accomplish in one night a style of coloring I haven't been able to approach in YEARS of trying!, if only I could figure out the drawing part, I'd be set. :rofl:

So what does this mean for my art? ...honestly, I don't really know yet. FFC's going to be kind of up in the air while I figure it out and settle into a new coloring style that matches well enough, but is more compatible with this awesome new tool. (To be fair, it's not like this is the first time the coloring style on FFC has changed...and it likely won't be the last. That comic is nothing but one big experiment, haha!) I have a couple of silly pictures in mind that I might do just as excuses to experiment with the coloring outside of the deadlines that FFC demands, so I can take my time and get it just how I want it. So you might be seeing those in the not-too-distant future. I'd also like to experiment again with digital painting now that I have an up-to-date computer, up-to-date photoshop and up-to-date tablet. We'll have to see. I have some ideas, but nothing concrete for the moment.

Other things I have planned for the new year? Well, I'd like to get vol 3 of Twisted Mirrors finally together and printed. That's pretty much been on hold for a while now. I'm working on a project with :iconcyanilurusjubatus: (Which I HAVE started the writing for :D As soon as I get the first scene done, I'll send it your way!) I also still have the sketches for TM2 to work on and I'd very much like to get back into posting sketches to my Tumblr since I really think that was doing me the most good out of everything art-wise.

Whew! That's a lot on my plate, but man, I'm excited for it and itching to get into some of this stuff! Thanks for sticking with me and I'll see you all in 2015!
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...maybe...kinda...I hope...

...well, it has a title and a teaser image anyway.

For those not already familiar with ReBoot, I think it'd be impossible for me to explain why I love that show so much and why I find this news so exciting. It was the first CG animated TV show - made in the early nineties...and it didn't age well.

To be honest, the low quality animation isn't that big of a problem to me. The genius of the show is that it's set inside a 90's computer...which makes the 90's CG entirely appropriate to the setting. It's so deliciously meta! It's actually the writing that I think has a few more problems, particularly in season one, with a lot of hokey and childish humor that only occasionally made me laugh due more to the way Bob's voice actor says the lines than the actual lines themselves. And there's several things about the setup that just don't make sense. (Why would winning a video game harm your computer? How did the characters in Mainframe deal with adventure games? Why are the 'net and the web referred to as if they're two different things?)

There's a lot about the show that's really great, though. The setting alone makes the stories inherently interesting, I mean it's a city inside your desktop computer. A system crash means the end of the world! The writing got consistently better all the way through season 3 (season 4 is...something...). The characters evolved and changed as the story went on (character development was virtually unheard of in cartoons of the time because showrunners wanted viewers to be able to jump in on any episode). Hexadecimal remains one of the greatest antagonists in cartoon history and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. And the season three episode "Number 7" remains one of my favorite episodes of ANY series. Ever. And it's just an extended parody of "The Prisoner". :XD: (I would not recommend anyone jump to watch that one, though, as due to the aforementioned character development I'm not sure how much sense it'd make out of context.)

I love the show so much I actually have it on DVD and make it a point to rewatch it fairly regularly. The idea that we could have a new version of ReBoot with updated CG, better and more consistent writing (hopefully), and a better understanding of how computers function is just the best news to me. Like, find a way to make games dangerous WITHOUT them destroying entire parts of the city...because really, that never made any damn sense. :XD:

I'm still not convinced it's happening. I'm convinced that the makers WANT it to happen, but I don't know if it will.
...but if it does, I'll be first in line to watch it, and I'll be quick to let everyone know if you should watch it too. In the meantime the old show still exists, so if you have a high tolerance for corny dialogue and low quality CGI, it's all on youtube. Enter at your own risk, haha!
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Sorry yet again for how absent I've been lately. Every year I make a resolution to be more attentive to DA and every year I fail...but I manage to stick with it longer and longer each year, so I'll get there. :D (This is why I don't do any other social media by the way, I have a hard enough time keeping up with this one!) Things have been kinda crazy for me, though, and they don't look to be settling down any time soon, so apologies in the past, present and future!

But I found something cool I'd like to mention. I'm sure people are getting sick of me talking about Gunnerkrigg court by this point (If you aren't reading it, you really should be :evillaugh: ) but he's been doing something kinda cool and I wanted to point it out to people.

See, one of the neat things about Gunnerkrigg Court is how much attention to detail he puts into everything he does. Not only in the art but in the writing and world building as well. It's neat to see people analyze the comic's pages to try to piece it all together, but now we've got something straight from the horse's mouth. Tom Siddell has a Youtube page and he's currently going through the comic one chapter at a time and offering commentary on it - from his methods to his inspiration to what he was going for when he drew the scene. It's fascinating, informative and often funny in that sort of dry way that the comic itself is.

The videos don't have a ton of views yet, so I wanted to point them out. As a fan I find them very entertaining, and as a webcomic creator they show how much thought can really go into these silly things. So I just wanted to share the joy. :)
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So, I've had some things come up kinda suddenly that have put me in a bit of a bind financially, so I decided to open up commissions. For the record, I'm not counting on this to save me from my problems, I've actually got a few angles I'm going at here, but every little bit helps, right? Also, full disclosure, before this whole mess started, I was about to get a new Wacom I had the money ready and everything, but stuff came up and it had to be put on hold, so I will freely admit that part of this is me wanting to get back to getting that wacom tablet. The one I have is so old, it's just a wacom tablet, no names or numbers added. :XD:
So, in other words, support me if you want to, but don't break your bank to help mine. I know we all have our troubles and I'm not expecting much from this as I don't have that many watchers. :nod:

If you're interested in commissioning me, please read the rest of this post carefully, as I'm putting in a lot of information you might need to know.

First thing's first - before you even consider this, there are some limitations on what I'll draw. "But Dragonsong," some hypothetical person somewhere might say, "if you want to get money, shouldn't you be willing to draw anything?" Probably yes, but there are some things I'm just not comfortable with and I'm also concerned with making sure you get your money's worth.
So I won't be drawing anything that's graphically violent (some violence is fine, just not gore) or graphically sexual. On the subject of the latter, I'm willing to give it a go drawing some PG romance scenes, but in complete honesty, it's not something I draw a lot and frankly I'm not that good at it. So while I'm willing to do it if that's what you want, I'm worried the results won't be worth it, so it might be best to steer clear of that too.
I think those are my only hangups, though if something more comes up, I'll add it to the post. Beyond that, fanart, fan characters and OC's are all on the table in pretty much any situation. :)

As for the pricing, that follows:
Sketch - $5 (each additional character +$5)
Inks - $15 (each additional character +$5)
Colors - $25 (each additional character +$5)
Shaded - $35 (each additional character +$10)
Full Illustration - $50 (each additional character +$10)

To see examples for what each of those amounts to, I used an old friend to make up an example sheet for it here.

I will require payment in advance, I'm afraid. (I was considering a few different options for payment, but they all ended up being too confusing, so we're just going simple.) I will be running more complicated pieces by you, though, to make sure it's what you want before it's finished.

Payment can be made via paypal. My email for that is If paypal doesn't work for you, message me, and we'll try to work it out.

Time may be a big factor in these. I have a fairly limited schedule between my job and two comics, so I may be fairly slow with them, particularly the more complicated they get. If I am running behind a reasonable time, though, I will keep you informed as to what's going on. I just wanted you aware that I probably won't be getting back to you with a picture the next day. ^^;

If there's anything else I forgot to add, let me know and I'll add it to the post. Please let me know if you're interested.
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Looking for some ideas for a filler image for my webcomic Firefly Cross. I used up one of my buffer pages to make a big post this week. So I want to get it back by doing a filler in between chapters, but since I wasn't planning for it, I have no idea what to do! ^^;

So, I thought I'd ask. Anyone have anything they'd like to see or think would make a good filler? A silly character interaction or some question about the world that hasn't been explored yet that I could sketch out quick?

I'm sure I can come up with something so don't feel like you HAVE to, but for the moment I'm stumped, so I thought I'd ask. :)

((Also? GRIM FANDANGO! Coolest announcement at Es3!))
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So, I learned the hard way yesterday that it's a really bad idea to look at one's own comic after binge-re-reading a bunch of Lackadaisy. Like seriously, don't do that. Bad idea. :rofl:

I'm almost done playing through Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS after putting it off for a long time due to hearing about its bad controls...and everyone I know IRL has had to endure me talking about it, always repeating the same thing, haha! The controls are bad - the way they want you to hold the DS is awkward, turning your character is a big ordeal, and after playing a level, my hands are all cramped and I have to stop...but I really like the game. I'm genuinely having fun with it! The game is not that hard, but it's not boring, either, there's always new and varied enemies to attack. I didn't like the voice acting at first, but they grew on me quick, which is good because there's near constant chatter between the heroes and villains throughout every level - I'm sure plenty of gamers found this annoying, but it's kind of charming to me, everybody just talks like they're out for drinks together having a minor debate, not using monsters to decide the fate of the world, it's hilarious! I think I have a higher tolerance for the bad things the game does than a lot of other people do (I don't play a lot of games, so I don't have a good of frame of reference for "good" controls like actual gamers do), so it's frustrating that I'm enjoying the heck out of this game, but can't really recommend it to anyone because the things it does wrong are pretty egregious.
...aren't you guys glad you don't know me IRL? You'd have gotten that paragraph ad nauseum. :D

If I've been slow to reply to messages the past couple's just been a rough couple of weeks, that's all. Nothing major. Nothing dire. It'll all blow over and be fine, it's just the sort of situation where stuff piled up and I wasn't feeling up to being terribly social. So, sorry I've been slow, I'll get to the small backlog of stuff from my watchlist sometime in the next week.

Speaking of many little time. I have not forgotten DA, I should have some stuff to post here coming up soonish, including one I'm having a bit of fun with, but a lot of projects I've had in the pipe recently are long-term or are for other people and I don't want to post them here because reasons. So, still doing lots of stuff, just not post-worthy stuff. It happens, haha! may see some new RvB art coming up season started and I'm getting inspired...
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If you've tried to get to my comic, Twisted Mirrors today and found the site down, I apologize.

The good news is that it's just some maintenance that the site's host - siteground - is undergoing. They moved the site's IP and it's taking a little while for the changes to set in, so it should be back up tomorrow. (If it's not, THEN we'll have an issue.)

In the meantime, if you want to get to the comic, you can still read it over at Drunkduck. You can get to it here. (This is precisely the reason why I keep the comic at two sites. It comes in handy for situations like this. :D)

I'll update this post once I'm sure the comic's back up and running.

UPDATE: Looks like it's back up for the most part! If anyone still has trouble viewing it, it might be due to info still in your cache from the previous version. If it does stay a problem, though, let me know. In the meantime, the Drunkduck link above will allow you to at least read the page.
Thanks for sticking with me!
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Now that spring is here, I think it's important to address something. I want to apologize to anyone over the past several weeks that I might have come off as "snippy" or "irritated" or answered with short, vaguely negative sounding replies. The good news is, it isn't you. :) The better news is, it isn't me either. :D Or at least, it's nothing happening in my life to cause it.

See, I'm starting to notice a pattern. Both last year and this year I started feeling really miserable starting sometime around mid-January and it lasting into springtime. Last year I thought it was a fluke, but it happening again this year though makes me think I might have that seasonal affected disorder that a lot of people have* (why is is so funny to me that the acronym for that is "sad"? :XD: ). If I get miserable again next January I think we can call it official, but since it's a pretty common ailment, it does seem likely.

All that said, I really did try to keep from letting it affect my online interactions, but after posting a reply to someone I would look back at it sometimes and think "wow, that sounded kind of aggressive/passive-aggressive/disinterested/annoyed, that wasn't what I intended." So I wanted to mention it on the off chance that anyone thought I was irritated with them. Nope! There's also nothing going wrong for me IRL. Life's pretty good! I was just feeling generally off and it translated into how I replied to people sometimes. Sorry about that, but hey! Spring's here! Things are looking up! I have SO MANY ALLERGIES to get excited for! :rofl:

On the plus side, I've been doing some actual spring cleaning and now I've got all my Barenaked Ladies albums copied to my computer. Nothing cures what ails you like BNL**!

To add a little fun to this post, here's a meme!

Comment and I will:
(1) Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page.
(2) Tell you a color you remind me of.
(3) Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
(4) Tell you which one of your OC's is my favorite (if you have one).
(5) Ask you a question, and you must answer.
(6) Tell you something I like about you or your art.
(7) Give you a nickname.
(8) Tell you what am I doing right now.
(9) Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
(10) Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already. You know me, do it if you want to, if not? :shrug:

*So, I grow up and live for decades in upstate New York, where 3 feet of snow is just a normal Tuesday. Then I move south to Maryland where it snows an inch and everything shuts down, and NOW I'm getting this? WTF, brain?!
**Except for "The Flag" and "War on Drugs"...those are just depressing.
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Can anyone with a mobile device check my site - - and see if it works okay?
I had someone let me know that the page was not loading properly on mobile devices. I was absolutely unaware of this because I don't own any mobile devices. I've made some changes to the site, which I hope helped that problem, but I have no way to check it.

If someone could just check the site and answer, "is the site working okay? Yes/No" I would really appreciate it. :nod:
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I had this whole long argument written up about subjectivity and objectivity in art...but lately I've been finding my opinions somewhat annoying and why should I subject you all to that? :XD: So instead I'm just gonna pull something from it that I thought was kinda cool.

Here is a page from Chapter 1 of Twisted Mirrors.

Here is a page from Chapter 21.

They're both depicting pretty much the same thing - the aftermath of a particular spell being cast. I realized that this is probably the best point to compare how I've changed, since they are so similar. (I mean, you could go back one page from each to the actual spell being cast, but the circumstances are so different that they're a lot harder to compare.)

Now before anyone says anything, am I saying the second page is "good"? NO. NO I AM NOT. But it is much better than the first one, and that's what's got me interested. It's so hard to see the progression when you're actually working on these pages. You could do two you really like and then one you think is terrible and feel like you're just spinning your wheels. But when you look back farther down the road, it all comes into focus and I freaking love seeing this stuff! :dance: I mean, you can see how the styles of the first one are still totally present in the second. They were clearly drawn by the same hand, and yet they're so different, and you don't even notice how it's changing as you read through the stories.

I mean, I know everyone's aware of all this, it's pretty obvious and I harp on it a lot myself. (It's why I have the progression pictures for FFC, after all.) But although chapter 1 was in my mind as I was drawing chapter 21, and I intentionally tried to make them similar, I didn't realize until I went back and looked how good an illustration this was of how my art has changed over the years. And again, I just really like this stuff. :D

...maybe when the comics are done, I should do that "draw this again" meme with one of the early pages, just to see the difference...might be fun! :D
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...So a new year begins! I don't care much for the traditions of New Year's Resolutions myself, so I'll go back to the same one I've made the past several years (mostly because it actually seems to be working to some extent) and that is to catch up - and stay caught up - with my messages here on DA. Usually I slack off sometime around the middle of the year, but this year I made it to mid-November before the inevitable slide, so I'm pretty proud of that. :nod:

First thing will be to clean out and get caught up on my DA messages. I actually don't have too many that require responding to, but I have a lot of stuff I've been holding onto to comment that I have to go through.

I've also got a couple of new projects I'd like to start here coming up, as well as some requests that people have been waiting on that I need to do. Now that the rush of the holidays is over, it should be a lot easier to manage my time to get that stuff done, so you'll see me commenting a bit more often and I'll probably have some stuff to post here coming up. Especially now that all but one of my multi-page updates that I have for the comics for the foreseeable future are finally ready.

Sorry to disappear fora while there, but as it seems to be an annual habit from me, I'm sure most people expected it. ^^; Here's hoping this can finally be the year I make it all the way to the end.
...I wouldn't hold my breath, though. ;)
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Drunk Duck is finally back up and online!

They had to rebuild the site, so the url has changed. Instead of, it's now The new urls for the comics are… and….

And I just went through and changed the Comic Rocket links to the Wordpress sites today, haha! ^^; It's probably just as well, though, the Wordpress sites will probably be more reliable. After all, this isn't the first time this has happened to Drunk Duck. So, I think that going forward, the Wordpress sites will be the "main" sites, with the Drunk Duck sites being a mirror just in case something happens to them.

Currently the Drunk Duck sites are several pages behind, but I don't want people coming in in the middle of things, so I'm not going to update them until Monday, when I'll put up an accelerated update schedule so they can catch up to the Wordpress sites. The Wordpress sites - Twisted Mirrors and Firefly Cross - will of course update as normal.

Speaking of Comic Rocket, I've posted about it before, but it really is a pretty cool site. If you read a lot of webcomics, it keeps them all grouped together so you can see what comics updated when and it will hold you place when you're reading, so you can stop in the middle if something comes up. Both TM and FFC are on there, feel free to check it out! :D
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So DA has been doing these updates lately with little cosmetic changes to the site. No big deal, they largely don't effect me, but they've also unveiled this new "mentions" thing which I think stands as a testament to ideas that sound really good on paper, but aren't going to work out so hot in practice. The idea is that if you put another user's name in one of your posts (i.e., you "mention" them) this sends a note to the user in question letting them know. Neat idea right? It lets you see who's talking about you on DA...
However, in practice?...

I got a "mention" before I even saw the DA post about it. It was that fast. Know what it was? Spam. And I have a feeling that every mention I get from here on out is going to be exactly that. Spam. Collect a bunch of user names, stick them into your unrelated posts, Bam - Free advertising sent directly to user's inboxes. I don't hold any ill-will to the person who did it to me, they weren't advertising anything, I think they were just excited by the feature and wanted to show it off, but all it did was show me all this feature is going to be used for.

To DA's credit, they allow you to turn this feature off in "settings" which I genuinely appreciate. I'm not sitting here shaking my walker at DA and talking about what a terrible idea it is - it's actually a kind of neat idea. It's mostly just funny that I got a prime example of how it's going to be abused within hours of it going live. Dangit, internet, this is why we can't have nice things! :shakefist:

For myself, I've been trying to put some banner images together for the comic sites for the past couple of days and I just. can't. do. it. I have no idea what my problem is, but everything I try just looks terrible.

For FFC, I drew images of Katyn, Ry and Chaerius to put into the banner. Liked it when I drew it. Liked it when I inked. Still like it after I scanned it. Resized and put into the banner? Looks awful. It might be salvagable if I cut out Ry and Chaerius and just use Katyn, but she's got the least interesting design of the bunch! I think at this point I'd be better off scrapping it and starting over.

For TM....TM...ugh, I have no idea. What do I even put in that banner? Should I put Tren, or Nareth? Should it be both? Should it be Jaith or Tai instead? A generic boetheri? I honestly considered doing no image at all and just giving it a text banner, but then it's even harder, since my design skills are so low. I have no idea how to make a text banner look good. All I have so far is white text on a black background...and that's it.

I don't know what to do, I'm not even sure if I'm looking for advice or just venting, since I do want the banners to reflect me and my art, so I'd prefer to make sure they get done myself. Ugh. I'd just leave well enough alone, but the blank text at the top of the pages just looks so amateurish and if I'm going to do this whole website thing then I want to do it the best I can. If anyone knows of any resources for advice on how to do this sort of thing, I'm all ears.

Remember, kids, this is why it's important to pay attention in your design classes in school. Don't be a loser like me, pay attention and be cool! :XD:
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The fourth installment in my Monkey Island Let's Play series is FINALLY complete and online! Escape from Monkey Island! Man, this one took way too long to do, and there's a reason for that, though if you want to see me draw the Monkey Island characters a whole bunch of times you should definitely check it out! :D

The playlist is here!

I explain the above in the videos themselves, but I'll explain it here too. EMI is kind of an older game at this point, and recording the game was a little bit of a hassle. The gameplay itself recorded okay...but the cutscenes did not. They either recorded in poor quality or not at all. So, for the ones that didn't record at all, I decided to draw them!
It was fun, I don't regret doing it, but it was a lot of work - even though I mostly just drew sketches - and that's why this one took so long to complete. When i got towards the end, I was actually able to rip the cutscenes from a PS2 copy of the game, but the early ones are all with poor quality or drawn. ^^; Just so's you know.

Previous Let's Plays:

The Secret of Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
The Curse of Monkey Island (Also had some recording trouble.)

Up next will be what is currently the last game of the series: Tales of Monkey Island. And since it's a newer game, I doubt I'll have the same issues with it, so it should come together much more quickly.
...and I really can't wait to play it again, it's what all this has been leading to! :D
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...but I can pretty much guarantee you're not going to want to follow me. ;)

You can find the account here.

It's not going to be a typical tumblr, though, or a typical blog. I've been thinking lately that I really need to put in the effort to practice drawing the things I either don't want to draw or have a difficult time drawing - a lot of background things and fabric just to name a couple. The more I draw these things, the more easily they'll come to me when I need them for the comics, and the better the comics will look!
Then I thought that it might be a good idea to keep these drawings all together somewhere, so that I could look back and see my progress (or lack thereof) and so I had something that was pushing me to keep at it (i.e. the need to make sure new content is posted occasionally). I thought of getting a new blogger account, but then it occurred to me: "Why don't I just get a tumblr? From what I understand it's largely a picture-sharing platform anyway."
So that's what I did.

And that's why my tumblr will be boring as hell, because it's not going to be anything except practice drawings of buildings and clothes and machines and such. No funny gifs, no social justice, just crappy pencil drawings of buildings. Useful, but ultimately pretty boring to everyone else.

So, I keep slowly adding to my social media arsenal, first with facebook and now with tumblr, but I'm not really using these programs the way you're supposed to. ...and I'm okay with that. :XD: It's there if you're interested, but I won't feel bad if it stays at 0. Just giving a heads up. :nod:

(...also, people have apparently been putting some of my fanarts on tumblr, which is weird. :o at least they credited me, haha!)
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I got tagged by :iconbhudicae: to do this OC meme, and since I haven't posted in a bit, it seemed like a good place to start. :)

I was going to answer with Jaith from Twisted Mirrors, but after looking through the particular questions they listed, it didn't seem like Jaith's answers would be very interesting. So instead we're going to go with Ra'yl (Ry) from Firefly Cross. It seems more fitting anyway, as he's my second oldest character in current use (Chaerius - in my icon - is older).
Firebrand by dragonsong12

1.) Copy and paste the text into your journal.
2.) Answer truthfully and be honest.
3.) Pick one of your OCs you like most. If you donīt have an OC, you can use a character you like.
4.) Tag at least 5 or more people you know. If you donīt know anybody, go to the main page and pick some random people.
5.) After publishing your journal, go to everyone you tagged and say 'you got tagged' and paste a link into the comment so they find your journal.

(Yeah, not doing this again, but I'm leaving the rule up since it's how you're supposed to do it! ^^;)

The questions:

1.) What is the name of your OC?

He is called the Guardian of Light. His name is Ra'yl...though Kaytn just calls him "Ry" much to his chagrin.

2.) Gender and age?

He's male.
Pinning down an age is a lot harder, since the Guardians are technically immortal, though they achieve their "immortality" through body jumping to new hosts. Since the new host both becomes the Guardian and slows the physical aging of the body, it's hard to say. Physically, I'd put him in his mid-twenties.

3.) Animal, anthro or human?

He's a Guardian...though he was human once, so I suppose that counts. :D

4.) What is your OC's favorite food?

I just realized how rarely I show my characters eating :O but I assume he'd be a steak man. Well done. :)

5.) Does he/she love sex?

The Guardian can have no concern for desires of his own. He must focus all his energy on his in short, I guess we'll never know. :evillaugh:

6.) Player or serious? Does your character like easy and short romances or does he/she search for the one and only love?

Given his personality, it'd very much be the latter, but considering the circumstances, it's something he tries not to think about.

7.) Does your character think he/she is attractive and sexy?

Well, the Guardian of Light is pretty "hot".

Ow! Don't hit! :XD:

To answer a bit more seriously, I doubt he thinks about it, given all of the above. (This is making me realize how utterly cruel I've been to this character. :( )

8.) What is the most important thing in your OC's life?

The most important thing to a Guardian is the safety and well-being of the Keeper he is charged to serve to the exclusion of all else - personaly safety included. Ry hadn't really bought into all that fully and was mainly following the Keeper because he knew he was supposed to, until he found a Keeper he felt was actually worth the effort.

9.) Would you sell your OC to someone if they asked you?

Would they ask? Haha, I invented Ry in the early days of college, and he's pretty generic in a lot of ways.
But no, through thick and thin, these characters have been with me for a long time and I've shared their adventures. You can't put a price on that. :)

10.) Do you plan to let your OC die or is he/she already dead? If yes, explain.

Spoilers! :evillaugh:
In all seriousness, though, the Guardian can't be killed. It'll just move on to someone else. The host body is expendable, that's sort of the point. That said, I wouldn't go expecting the Guardian of Light to pass along any time soon. :nod:

I'm not tagging anyone specific...largely because I'm I'll just quote what my tag-er said in hers: "meh, if you read this consider yourself tagged." :D If any of you do this as well, though, give me a link so I can read about your characters too!
Sept 01 Update: Not making a new journal post, but Drunkduck is still down. You can read Firefly Cross here and you can read Twisted Mirrors here in case anyone missed it. New posts will be up Monday.

....Aaaand the fun just keeps on coming...I stupidly decided to update comicpress for TM before bed...turned out it was a MAJOR update that completely rewrote the site. Luckily, the developer was online and pointed me to a help file that allowed me to migrate all the comics over to the new system...but the site might be kind of ugly for a while (or perhaps that should be "uglier" since I hadn't done TOO much cosmetic stuff to it)...but at leas the comics are now back...ugh...gonna have to do this all again for FFC....:(


First thing's first: Drunkduck is still down. Second thing's second: I have no plans to leave Drunkduck at the moment. If/when the site comes back, I will resume updating there, since I know there are people who are still going to want to read it there. HOWEVER, now we have alternatives going forward for when this happens.

Firefly Cross is still updating as normal over at the pensandtales site. Once it hits Monday, the new page will post there.

As for Twisted Mirrors, I'm pleased to announce that I finally bit the bullet and registered a domain. is now live, all of the archives have been uploaded (with a few hiccups) so you will be able to catch up on any pages you missed there and from now on, Twisted Mirrors will update there every Monday. (And as I'm posting this journal Sunday night, like with FFC, the new page won't be visible until it hits Monday.

Thanks for sticking with me. This whole mess has really stressed out, a HUGE thank you - and my apologies - to everyone who helped me out this past week when I started losing my mind and allowed me to get this all posted and online. You guys are amazing, I appreciate everything you've all done! (Especially on Thursday when I kind of snapped and started stressing at everyone, you have the patience of a whole legion of saints. ^^;) If you ever don't see updates and want to know what's going on with the comics, you can check either here or at the facebook pages for both Twisted Mirrors and Firefly Cross.

Thanks again everyone! I'll update when/if Drunkduck comes back.
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I kind of wanted to leave the Otakon post up a bit longer, but this DD thing kinda ran into my update day, so here we are.

DrunkDuck is still down, so just to get this week's updates posted, I decided to make a journal here at DA to let people know.

Firefly Cross updated as normal over at the pensandtales site. You can read that page as well as the rest of the archive here. (New page is a cover page and won't be visible until Monday.)

I don't have a back up site for Twisted Mirrors at the moment, but I did upload the pages. Last week's page is here in case anyone missed it.

This week's page is posted here.

...Luckily not much is happening at the moment - the pages are important, but it's not really moving a mile a minute, so it's not the worst thing. I'll be annoyed if this remains for another couple of weeks though. :/

Thanks for your patience. Hopefully we'll be posting properly next week.