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The Red Beetle by dragonsong12 The Red Beetle by dragonsong12
So, the Red Beetle...You may remember from some other picture I did ([link]) that I like the Blue Beetle, and you may note some similarities between this character's design and that one. (And you may also note that I totally copied myself for this picture - I'LL SUE ME!)

So who is the Red Beetle?...I dunno.
Let me explain: DC's best known for their super team The Justice League, but they had another team before that, The Justice Society of America. The JSA became the gathering point of their golden age legacy heroes and young rookies. Not too long ago, an issue of JSA released with the team fighting a villain they could not best. On the final page, a part of the team that had previously splintered off to form their own group returns in a massive 2-page image to help the JSA fight...and the Red Beetle is among them.
And that's basically it. We're given no introduction to her, the characters act as if they already know her well, we don't even get her superhero name, we only got "Red Beetle) from Word of God (No Scarlet Scarab? Aww :D) The writers promised us an issue detailing her origins but then...nothing.
I'm guessing the DC Reboot that just occured is to blame. It seems like they caught a lot of writers off-guard with that. (The last issue of Batgirl, for example, basically detailed everything they WOULD have done had the series continued.) They introduced her, expecting to get the chance to explore her later, but with JSA getting cancelled for the reboot, it became more important to wrap up established storylines than delve into a character who likely wouldn't exist in a few months. I understand that.

Unfortunately, however, what this means is that in simply looking at this crappy fanart of mine, you officially know as much about her as I do. Who is she? Where did she come from? Why is she a superhero? And why the Ted Kord version? Does she carry a light gun like he did? Does she have her own version of the Bug, or is she swinging from some awkward grapple? What does she enjoy? What is she hoping for? We don't even know simple things like hair color, eye color or ethnicity.
The most likely candidate is Dani Garrett, granddaughter of Dan Garrett, the first Blue Beetle, but we just don't know. And we probably never will since I doubt she'll be coming back in the reboot. Heck, it's doubtful we'll even get Ted and Dan back, much less this or the unresolved Black Beetle plotline.

Anyway, all that babbling done, I just wanted to make this because I thought she was awesome. I was so excited to know more about her and read about her adventures. She seemed fun in the little bits we saw of her in JSA, so I made a fanart because I am already a fan. And I won't forget that DC.

I actually have another superhero fanart on the way, and I meant to upload these together, but that one was a request, and I want to run it by the requester first.
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Riverfox237 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, if nothing else, this means that she is a lovely blank canvas and you can make up whatever you want about her! =D Sometimes those are the most fun, esp. if you do RPs. XD I say go with the idea that she's the granddaughter.

There actually IS a red Beetle, except he was the Black Beetle first and so they still call him that even though he has been supercharged with a kind of evil red beetle scarab and now looks red.

Could the next superhero fanart maybe be of BOOSTER GOLD? =D (Man, I have GOT to get ahold of the two newest comic collections of his, I am SO far behind...I know Ted Kord comes back during Darkest Night, but I'm stuck at the point right before that! >.<)
dragonsong12 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I do have some ideas regarding her, but there's a point to which it almost feels more fun to leave her a mystery. :evillaugh: I have a side project I'm considering starting which she may be involved in, though. We'll see.

Red/Black Beetle was in Time Masters, right? I know I read the story that was in recently, but I forget. Anyway, he's a jerk, so we'll ignore him. :D She's the REAL Red Beetle.
If it WAS Time Masters, though, and you've read it, you'll probably like the next pic I'm uploading, haha!

The Darkest Night issues were AWESOME! But a warning: it's not really Ted. The characters that came back during that arc were ressurected bodies, but the thing inside them just wanted to feed off of people's suffering, so they used the dead person's memories to really hurt their living loved ones to maximize their pain. It was great, and sad, but not really Ted. (That's not much of a spoiler as it was the case in all DC Blackest Night books) That said - great story, I hope you enjoy it when you get there! :D
Riverfox237 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
XD True, mystery can be fun sometimes. We seem to know everything about every superhero these days, including all of their most innermost secrets and what they like for breakfast. Oo, I want to see whatever it is! =D

I...THINK he was, maybe? ...Yes, yes he was! He has also been in the regular series as a recurring villain.

...Wh-- what? D8 It's not Ted? ...Oh wait, you mean the thing...well yeah, I never figured that the evil things controlling peoples' bodies WAS the person. XD I've seen glimpses of parts of the Darkest Night series (I never finish them because they always quickly turn horribly grim and depressing and gross), but I saw the one where Wonder Woman came back and she was sentient inside there but couldn't stop it. Man, never knew that the thing resurrecting them was feeding off of THEIR suffering! That makes SO much more sense. I can't wait to see the real Ted back, though! =D
dragonsong12 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
If I remember rightly, the thing with Wonder Woman were that the Black Lanterns were gaining enough power that they were taking over people who HAD died (but got better) so unlike Ted (and Sue and Ralph :cry:) they were still technically alive.

I'm concerned as to whether or not Ted's even going to exist now with this reboot, though. I suppose I have to wait until next week to get Blue Beetle #1 to see if there's any reference to previous Blue Beetles or if they're just going to pretend that Jaime was the first and write Dan and Ted completely out of the universe. DC's been so damned inconsistent with what is and isn't still part of the universe that it's hard to know. I get the impression, though, that "baggage" characters are just getting the axe. (Lian Harper, for example, now officially never existed. I belive the same is true of Wally West - the 2nd Flash - and his whole family) :worry:
Riverfox237 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooooooh, okay! Man, that stinks.

They can't really get rid of him completely, can they? I mean, not if the Booster Gold series is still legitimate. Or does this even connect to that series?
dragonsong12 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, DC just rebooted their entire universe, but they did it kinda half-assed and they're keeping some stuff and eliminating others seemingly at random. The entire Green Lantern continuity, for example, is staying as is, but I'm pretty sure much of Booster's history is getting undone as the last page of his series before it got canceled indicated that he doesn't remember a lot of what went on and that the timestream can't be accessed anymore. We don't know if Rip Hunter still exists either. :(

And as I've now read the first issue of the new Blue Beetle (because I took forever to reply to you - sorry about that!) it does indeed look like Ted didn't make the cut, as we get the scarab coming to earth and going to Jaime with no mentions of either Dan or Ted. It was a decent issue, so I'll probably keep reading, but I hate the fact that he got a new origin already, and I'm sad it seems we've lost Ted for good. (I have some hope, though, maybe he'll pop up as a tech guy or something...A GIRL CAN DREAM!)

It wouldn't be such a big deal if DC weren't being so damned inconsistent with what was staying and what was going. Look guys, if you want to reboot, either drop ALL of the old continuity and start fresh, or don't reboot at all. Don't pick and choose what you're keeping and what you're not. It's kind of funny to see the new books, though, and have the writers name dropping various obscure characters constantly as a way to bring them into the new universe.

...sorry, I have a lot of feelings about this reboot. ^^;
Riverfox237 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw, REALLY? They did THAT cop-out?! They can't just end his series with him being all, "I remember nothing!" For cryin' out loud, they made it so obvious so many times that Booster was the beginning of the Time Masters and that Rip Hunter was his son; you can't just UNDO that, it is so obviously a firm part of the timestream for any of that to have happened! Mega-lame, man. Mega-lame. >.< (Also, that means that they have completely undone the 52 series, which is just totally uncool.)

They can't get rid of Ted! D: He's too amazing a character! I mean sure, his outfit was pretty dorky, but his CHARACTER! I loved him, even though I've only seen him in the comics I've read with Booster in them. Lame sauce, DC!

I can totally understand. It DOES sound like they ain't doin' a real good job with it. 0.<
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