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Preparation by dragonsong12
Just a little practice before the festival starts.

This is one of the lead characters from Twisted Mirrors: Rift. It was intentionally made with bright, vibrant colors, deep shadows, and varied lighting in order to contrast it more sharply with its companion piece:…
...Lots of errors in this one but instead of pointing them out I'll say: let's all just enjoy the fact that at least my coloring is improving a little. ^^;

I also recorded the process of creating this piece as well. It's a little more complete than the other once since I included the drawing phase as well, but it also is sped up a bit faster since I didn't want the video to be hours long, so you might not see what's going on as well.…
Escapism by dragonsong12
There are all sorts of ways to escape...

This is one of the lead characters from Twisted Mirrors: Rift. This was intentionally made with very muted colors, greyed shading and flat lighting in order to contrast it more starkly with its companion piece:…
...messed up his line of sight, though. That's an annoyingly consistent problem for me. We'll just pretend he's looking where he's going to carve next...

I recorded the process of creating this digital painting, which you can see over on youtube:…
Man-Made Monster by dragonsong12
Man-Made Monster
:iconra-ooo: created a rather fascinating 3D found object sculpture that your guys should check out-…

I thought it was a pretty impressive bit of creativity and artistry and the more I looked at it, the more I thought "I wanna draw it, it looks like it'd be really fun to draw" and thus was this creation born. Mine is not particularly creative (I'm just drawing what I see) nor is it particularly well done (I'm not a very detail-oriented drawer and so a LOT of details were left out), but I was correct that it was in fact a lot of fun to draw, so thank you :iconra-ooo:!

What "art" is, I think changes a lot from person to person. To me, one of the most fascinating aspects of art is how it can change so drastically for each individual viewer. This is why i tend to leave a lot of things vague in my writing so that I'm not dictating things and can see what their interpretation is. It's that which makes things like this fun. This was what I saw. What do you see? :)

Doing it in pen and ink was my plan from the get-go, but it took all my will-power not to shade it as I do Twisted Mirrors. I think shading would've actually ruined as the more simplistic look was what I was going for.
Someone over at Drunk Duck made a theme for FFC! It's in the podcast about 5 min in here:…
I'm kinda of floored! I didn't even know they did things like this until one of the mods alerted me. I kind of want to use it for something! :D
Halloween Poster by dragonsong12
Halloween Poster
A sketch I actually did for work for a halloween costume contest flyer using a bulldog mascot.
This design didn't end up getting approved, but I liked the sketch (I've been trying to get a more cartoony style going for years now!) so I'm posting it here.


Serena Loder
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I've always had an interest in cartoons and comics. I work for a living, but spend almost all of my free time drawing, either for one of my two webcomics, or for work you see here in the gallery. Though I don't have any illusions of being "professional" I do enjoy it and I keep working to improve.
Honestly, I don't have much to report in this journal, I just wanted to talk about fun stuff rather than not-so-fun stuff, so here we go! :D I'll make it work.

So I think I've finally decided on a subtitle for the Twisted Mirrors sequel. It's probably going to be "Twisted Mirrors: Rift".
I didn't want to use more than one word because I worried the title might get too long and unwieldy otherwise. "Rift" probably isn't the precisely accurate title for what I was thinking of, but it's a lot punchier/catchier than the other words I considered. (And it probably goes without saying, but the rift in question is not a fissure or portal, it refers to character relationships, because I am not terribly interesting. :XD: )
I'm trying some things for a logo currently, as I was never really satisfied with either of Twisted Mirrors' logos. I really like the one I made for Conscripted, but that method wouldn't really work for this project. Either way, I'm trying some things and looking at examples/suggestions online so hopefully I'll put something good together and maybe learn something new in the process.
I've also finally gotten around to naming the majority of the characters. I'm entirely too lazy to go back and put all their names on the design images, but the least I can do is tell you that this guy's name is Rasque:
TM2 Main Character Final Design/Color by dragonsong12
Gonna start the scripts for that soon and I have to admit, I'm kinda excited. :)

I'm trying to decide what I want to do with FFC. It's also starting to draw to a close, and I'm still trying to decide what's going to happen with it. On one hand, I do have an idea in mind for a sequel story - much like with Twisted Mirrors. On the other hand, this sequel idea is not as well formed's Firefly Cross.
FFC was always something I did just kinda for fun and don't get me wrong I do enjoy creating it, but I never put a lot of thought into it and that's become tiring in more recent years. I keep running up against road blocks that I don't know how to get past because I haven't thought them through, and then I have to just push my way through the block and more often than not end up with something I'm not that pleased with. TM and Conscripted in contrast I plan out a lot more carefully a lot farther in advance, so I don't tend to have those roadblocks as often, thus working on them is a lot more enjoyable and I'm a lot prouder of the results.
While I think the sequel I have in mind would be somewhat fun, I'm not sure it's a good enough idea to put all the work into. Because of all this, I'm considering just flat-out ending FFC once it reaches its conclusion. That would free up a lot of time and potentially allow me to produce Conscripted on a much more consistent basis. I also thought about continuing FFC as a prose story, but I don't think it'd work as well. This universe really needs to be visual, but I'm not sure it's good enough to warrant all the effort such things require.
...oh well, I'm still thinking it over. I've got time and FFC is very important to me...but I admit I'm leaning closer to "end it" as time goes on... :/

Speaking of prose stories, I'm almost done with my random dude-with-metal-arm story I've been working on!
Then I'll get to re-write the whole thing to make it actually legible! :D
...that doesn't mean anything really, I don't think I'll ever post that story, it's just something I'm kinda happy about. :nod:

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Axiadin Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
you matter
dragonsong12 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This comment combined with that icon was just what I needed during a kind of difficult time right now.

I appreciate you. :hug:
Axiadin Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
thank you, happy i made you feel better <3
cbootz Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015
Hey, big fan of Luke Mackay's RvB art, and your depiction of the series follows his artstyle really close, it's so awesome.

I hope you continue to make more later season RvB scenes soon! :D
dragonsong12 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, I'm really glad you liked it!
Yeah, I really love the designs he did for the characters, they were all so distinct and memorable!
I hope to make more RvB fanart, but I always gotta psyche myself up for it because drawing all that armor takes forever! ^^; Also, I only have McKay designs for the earlier seasons and so many awesome new characters have been popping up!
cbootz Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015
Yeah, luckily the Freelancer saga gave us a good look at some of their faces, I'm most interested in seeing what Dr. Grey and the Generals look like.

But yeah, I understand. Making art in general takes so much time :| (Blank Stare) 

Oh, and also one thing I'd like to see in future drawings of the Red and Blue Captains is their rank on their shoulder pads - like Cpt. Flowers
dragonsong12 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh! Good point, I had missed that before!

Mental note to add that in next time. Thanks! :D
moonsaber56 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Did you see the new episode?
dragonsong12 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
RvB? We're actually a bit behind. ^^; I think we've missed the last couple of episodes.

The one upside of that is you have a bit more to watch when you go back in, heh.
moonsaber56 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
yeah. it gets serious.
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